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Shazam Theatre Company presents

Nothing Ever Happens

by Robert S McLeish


Kate Cairns, a farmer's wife, complains that "nothing ever happens" to break the monotony of her rather humdrum life. A series of hilarious situations develop which has Kate eating her words before the final curtain. At the centre of the plot is Dougie, Kate's drunken husband and Kate's attempt to sober him. The farce of getting Dougie abed; the amorous advances of Wattie Donaldson, and the unexpected arrival of Kirsty, Wattie's domineering wife all blend together to provide colourful characters, with loads of situation comedy, giving the audience a good old-fashioned "belly laugh".

(This amateur production is presented in arrangement with Brown, Son and Ferguson Ltd)


Wyness Hall, Inverurie        

1 July   7.30pm                                    Tickets £8/6

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