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About Us



The Garidge Theatre Company was set up in 2004 by Rhona Mitchell with the express purpose of running a theatre festival in Inverurie bringing a mix of amateur and professional work to the town. As well as providing an opportunity for her own students to perform, the company will introduce a range of touring professional productions to a local audience. 

This will be the sixth Garioch Theatre Festival, firmly establishing it as an important annual arts event in the North-East. The committee (past and present) have all brought their own skills to the project - Rhona Mitchell, Pamela Barrie, Charles Barron, Ashley Forbes, Kenny Fraser, Jude Paterson, Claire Gauld, Tina Olsen, Alison Telfer, and Michael Watt. 

We are grateful for the support given to it by Aberdeenshire Council, Gordon Forum for the Arts,  Mary Salmond Trust, NEAT and the people of Inverurie and area who support us as an audience.  Once again we are very lucky to have Roy Fairhead working on the technical side for the festival.






The Garioch Theatre Festival is run in association with NEAT (North East Arts Touring)


and supported by grants from the following organisations:


Aberdeenshire Council Education  Learning and Leisure

Scotframe Timber Engineering Ltd.

Gordon Forum for the Arts

Mary Salmond Trust


All photographs (unless otherwise indicated) on this website by Michael Watt

Copyright © Michael Watt 2010










Unauthorised photography and recording of any kind is not allowed during performances


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